About Us

Animal art for everyone! Coloring pages, coloring books, fine art prints and more! There's something for all crafters and pet lovers!

Artistry By Lisa Marie has opened the most amazing new art shop for animal lovers and coloring fanatics. While hundreds of other coloring pages and animal drawings are distributed daily, these particular designs will go down as the next level in adult coloring.

Typically, classically trained artists don’t offer their art for others to color or alter in any way. And most coloring pages are simplified line drawings or limited to paper. Then this new shop comes along and changes everything.

With these colorable images, customers can contribute their own artistic flare to my work. In fact, it’s a special opportunity for others to release their inner artist and participate in making a unique work of art.

Every drawing in this brilliant new shop was hand drawn, professionally designed, and expertly perfected. When gathered together, they create a stunning and innovative coloring opportunity. The result is a shop that caters to animal lovers, coloring fanatics and crafters like no other art studio.

Animal art for everyone:
THE COLORIST - Animal lovers who want to add their personal touch to hand-drawn animal coloring pages. Or add your unique touch to a colorable accessory (tote bags and throw pillows).

THE TREND SETTER - Enjoy the beautiful and chic accessories as-is or add your personal touch by coloring them in with fabric markers, pens or paints.

ANIMAL LOVER WITH BLANK WALLS - Love animals, but hate empty walls? Want beautiful art but you have a budget? Order a fine art print featuring the original art from the studio of Artistry By Lisa Marie.

Lisa Marie(owner)

Artistry by Lisa Marie is an art studio located in Rochester, NY. Lisa Marie currently specializes in fine art pencil portraits featuring dogs and cats. She has been drawing since she was a child and earned her Master’s in Art History in Florence, Italy. For over a decade Lisa Marie has expanded her studio to include her original drawings and colorable images. Creating unique animal art, she thrills at the opportunity to bring her new coloring pages, books and accessories to others, encouraging their creativity and artistic skill.